For RADIO Active Hams

Misc Pictures from 2015

VE session, April, 2015

Test Session 042515

 Betty, KG7NAX/AG, VE Garth, WY7GC, VE Bill, N7QAX, Chris, new Tech, VE Rob, K7EMR, with VE Bill, WU7Y(seated) after successful VE session.

N7QAX being N7QAX

Bill, N7QAX, Betty, KG7NAX/AG, and Garth, WY7GC.

This is just Bill being Bill!

Wade, W7WBW, decided to show his Go-Box

W7WBW's Go-Box

Easily packed away for storage

Inside W7WBW's Go Box

This is what you see when it is opened up.

Looking Down into the box

A better look at the operating console.

Another view into the box

A closer view of what is there.

How it is powered

The layout in the bottom of the box

More of what powers this box

Here is how it is powered.

The backsides of the radios

A look at the back of the radio/tunner

It is ready to operate at night!

And YES, you can operate at night.

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