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The goal of Amateur Radio contesting is to contact as many stations as possible during the contest period.

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 7th Area QSO Party

The 7th call area QSO party, 7QP, will be held the first Saturday in May, 2017. 7QP is the 3rd largest QSO party in the United States. 7QP is a multi-mode event; so you can operate CW, SSB, RTTY or any combination thereof. The event starts at 6 AM Pacific Time and ends at midnight Pacific Time 18 hours later. See for more information on the event, the rules, the contest exchange, where to submit a log, etc.

I am sending you this e-mail in an attempt to get more Wyoming HF operators on the air during 7QP. If you research the website, you can find which counties were represented in past years, and which call signs were active from those counties. There are usually 3 or more counties without participation. This year we’d like to have every county represented on as many modes as possible.

I would appreciate hearing back from you regarding your possible participation in 2016 7QP. In the next couple of months, the website will add a “planned participation” registry. I hope to see it fill up before the first of May.

Please spread the word among your local HF-active friends !

Thanks and 73,

Bob Rennard, N7WY

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