For RADIO Active Hams

February 2015

2015 February Meeting
Feb 02, 2015
Meeting called to order by Wade Watson at 1802 hours.

Treasurer report:
Jack Robison
General fund 2219.54
Repeater fund 646.46
Cash 21.43

Approval for payment on outstanding and future bills was discussed
49.97 Photo Imaging
Secretary of State 25.00 CC
IRS filing.
Motion made to approve Robert Underwood
Seconded by Jack Robison
Motion carried.
Minutes to be read at the next meeting.
Thankyou letters
Dick Klinker
Frank Bliss
Tower Communications
Chad Cundy
Annual dues were discussed
New business:
Upton park usage not approved as yet
For June 22 Field Day will be followed up by John Cranmer
Ham and Jam coverage August 8 David King discussion as to the possibility of use of our tower.
Frank Bliss Shoot July 10th-12th Ham assistance.
Kids Day at Fishing Lake week before Field Day Wade will follow up.
Bill will bring trailer.
Tech Class Feb 21 at Fire Station may have to have the class at Moorcroft.

Appreciation gifts to David and Charlie for their service.

MARCH 2 next meeting 6:00PM at the Wyoming Room.
Meeting adjourned at 1910

Garth Crowe WY7GC

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