For RADIO Active Hams

March – 2105

2015 March Meeting
March 02, 2015
Meeting called to order by John Cranmer at 1802 hours.
Treasurer report:
General Fund 2151.57
Repeater Fund 789.46
Total: 2941.03
Donation letter to Lorn Mclreve
No info from Dick, Chad, Frank, Tower Communication
Will contact and see if they still want donation letter.
Old Business:
Wyoming day discussion in Sundance16th of march no info as to their need for our equipment.
No committee for activities
John is heading up the Field Day activities. Upton City Council approved use.
Set up network on Kids Day for Field Day.
Kids Day will be at Pat Mueller shelter.
Two attended students in the Tech class.
Four students interested in General class.
Testing session in Sundance
New business:
Proposal was made to host one day Hamfest in Gillette.
Week after Labor Day tentative date 12th or 19th
Investigate Gillette, Wright and Douglas.
Multi-purpose building in Wright possibility Brian KC8JOR will check on availability.
Tabled for final determined till next meeting.
Discussion was had on frequency coordination.
Club Meeting location at M&K Oil offered by Walt Campbell.
Memory of the 8 Sept 16
Vote was made to have meetings on 2nd Friday of the month
No motion was made members present approved.
May 8th meeting to set up mesh net for Field Day
No June meeting business at Kids Day.
No July meeting due to Shoot and will count as July meeting.
Golden Mic award was discussed and was agreed to poll members for their preference.
Board members to determine Ham of the Year.
By laws require Quarterly meetings.
Meetings on the air with the directors after the net agreed to.
Net meeting on the 10th after the net.
Get with Jack meeting subjects
Next Meeting
April 10th 6:30 PM at M&K.
Motion made to adjourn by Jack Robison
Second RheaAnn Crowe
Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 1915

Garth Crowe WY7GC

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