For RADIO Active Hams

Aug – 2105

2015 August Meeting
August 14, 2015
Meeting called to order by Wade Watson at 1800 hours.
Treasurer report:
General Fund 2396.37
Repeater Fund 825.74
Total: 3222.11
Old Business:
Wright swap meet Sept 19
Multi-purpose building
One day swap meet
Icom, door prizes, food ladies.
Talk in on the repeater.
Testing session
Committee Gary, Brian, Garth, Jack, Wade
Food committee RheaAnn, Cindy, Donna
Cindy will check with Walmart for discount food
Registration Jack Robison John Cranmer
Memory of the 8 September 16
Not needed for the walk at 5
6 needed for the run
Mobile Command Center for communications
Quarterly exercise at fire Station August 22nd and 23rd and EOC
2017 convention for RMC backup Memorial weekend
38 members paid.
Motion Made by John to host the RMC
Seconded by Rob Underwood
Motion carried
Net Control roster to John Cranmer
New business:
No new business
Next Meeting:
Sept 11
Meeting adjourned at 1915

Garth Crowe WY7GC

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