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Minutes – Annual Meeting – January 2016

2016 Annual Meeting
January 9, 2016
The meeting was called to order by Wade Watson January 9, 2016 at 2:10 PM
With the pledge of allegiance
Setting of the agenda was made by Wade Watson
Membership report showed 17 Members present at the meeting, with a total of 41 registered.
Fiscal report
Treasurer Jack Robison reported
Account Balances:
1362 (Club) account $1,440.27
6681 (repeater) account $202.55
Cash account 145.00
Total 1787.82
A motion was made by David King and seconded by Charlie Messenheimer to accept the treasurer’s report. The motion was carried by the membership present.
Outstanding bills
The only outstanding bills were the annual meal and meeting room expenses 150.00.
Motion was made by David King to pay the outstanding bills.
Seconded by Charlie Messenheimer
Motion carried.
2015 audit has not been completed
Question from David King as for to the term “Audit” being used, pursuant to article 6.7.4 (c), and article 8.3 of the bylaws. Discussion was made about starting the process, by the board to change the wording to “fiscal review”. Research as to the requirements of the 5013c as to the wording.
A motion was made by Frank Bliss and seconded by Gary Horlick
Motion carried
Donation letters
Dick Klinker, Frank Bliss, and Tower Communications, Newcastle storage
Motion authorizing the writing of donation letters by David King seconded by RheaAnn Crowe
Motion carried
2015 Meeting Minutes
Minutes are posted on and a hard copy at the meeting is provided.
Motion was made by Gary Horlick to accept the minutes as posted, second was by Rob Underwood
Motion Carried and Minutes are approved.
Election of officers-five member board, two-year terms
Garth Crowe and Rob Underwood terms expire.
Wade Watson, John Cranmer, and Jack Robison are continuing members (1year remaining on the terms.)
(New terms begin at the conclusion of the Annual meeting.)
Nominations from the floor
Rob Underwood, Garth Crowe, and Robert Avery were nominated by the floor.
Gary Horlick was nominated but declined the nomination due to work load and uncertainty.
Jim Backer made a motion to cease nominations
Frank Bliss Seconded
Motion carried by voting members present.
Declaration of results
Garth Crowe and Rob Underwood were re-elected to replace retiring directors

NEWARA projects
Email group-NEWARA members
Members only to be on this group.
A motion was made by RheaAnn Crowe that non-members and unpaid members be removed on an annual basis. The motion was seconded By Donna Underwood.
Motion Carried
NE7WY non-members not to include internal club business
50-50 drawing
Discussion from the floor to continue for 2016
Motion was made by Bob Davis and seconded by RheaAnn Crowe to continue.
Motion carried
QSL cards
Up to date
What is currently wanted on the Facebook page?
A motion was made by RheaAnn Crowe and seconded by John Cranmer to form a social media committee. Motion carried.
Committee chair: Garth Crowe Jr.
Frank Bliss
Robert Avery
Garth Crowe Sr.
Jack Robison
Gary Horlick
Rob Underwood

Club insurance
Expired without a notice of lapse and the board voted to renew and pay the 200.00 premium.

License classes
Discussion was to form an education committee to develop a course syllabus
Wright Digi-peater
Program or purchase new TNC’s
Added Bliss ranch to the mix of digi-peater’s
Garth will compile a list of parts and cost to be presented at the February meeting.

Tuesday night net
John asked for volunteers for Net control
Repeater committee
Dick Klinker is working on the UHF link interface.
Cub events
Club meetings
Typically the 2nd Friday of the month), next meeting Feb. 12, 2016 at M&K Oil
SkyWarn day, December
Annual Saturday breakfast in crook/Weston County,
Quarterly VE Sessions
Discussion was made that we continue and generate a calendar of events on the web and yahoo.
Boy Scout radio Badge Feb. 6, 2016
Garth Crowe Jr. is waiting for a response from the BSA leadership.
He suggested participation in the JOTA in October as a follow-up from the Feb. event.
SET exercise, National in September
Kid’s day June 18, 2016
Field day June 25-26, 2016 In Campbell County
Discussion was made to pursue permission to set up during Donkey Creek Festival
Memory of the 8 Sept. 16, 2016

A motion was made to adjourn by Frank Bliss and seconded by John Cranmer
Motion Carried and meeting was adjourned at 3:56 PM

January 9, 2016 Directors meeting
The Meeting was called to order by Wade Watson at 4:05 PM
As all re-elected directors were the same it was decided to leave the positions as previously instated.
Wade Watson Chair
John Cranmer Vice-Chair
Jack Robison Treasurer
Garth Crowe Secretary
Rob Underwood member at large
A question was raised concerning the length of office set forth in the by-laws.
Article VI section 6.6 states:
“To insure perpetuity, the initial Board of Directors shall be elected for the following terms: Chairman, 2 years; Vice Chairman, 2 years; Secretary, 1 year; Treasured, 1 year; and, Member-at large, 1 year”
Article IV section 4.3 States:
“A board of Directors term shall consist of two years and terms shall be staggered for perpetual membership”
It was pointed out that Article 6.6 refers to the initial set up of the corporation.
Article 4.3 is considered the current state of the corporation structure.
The board will consider removal of the Article VI 6.6 for clarity.
No other business was discussed and the meeting was adjourned at 4:30PM

Garth Crowe WY7GC

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