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Annual Meeting 2017

January 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Wade Watson January 14, 2017 at 4:27 PM

With the pledge of allegiance led by Charlie Messenheimer

Setting of the agenda was made by Wade Watson

Membership report showed 16 Members present at the meeting.

Fiscal report

Treasurer Jack Robison reported

Account Balances:

1362 (Club) account $1,1379.24

6681 (repeater) account $721.56

Cash account 0

Total $2180.00

A motion was made by Rob Avery and seconded by John Cranmer to accept the treasurer’s report. The motion was carried by the membership present.

Outstanding bills

The outstanding bills were the annual meal, trailer license 20.01, award plaques, and meeting room expenses 150.00.

Motion was made by John Cranmer to pay the outstanding bills.

Seconded by Jack Robison

Motion carried.

Fiscal review

2017 fiscal review has not been completed

Donation letters

Dick Klinker, Frank Bliss, and Tower Communications, Walmart, 4T Pawn, M&K Oil

2016 Meeting Minutes

Minutes are posted on and a hard copy at the meeting is provided.

Motion was made by John Cranmer to accept the minutes as posted, second was by Rob Underwood

Motion Carried and Minutes are approved.

Old Business

Discussion was made to meet with the Fire Chief to discuss how we can be of help to Campbell County emergency services.

Discussion was made concerning the Moorcroft whether to make it stand alone or linked to the system.

Discussion was also made concerning placement of a repeater in the Wright area. Recommended that we investigate placing it on Pumpkin butte.

New Business

Convention meeting to be held in Kirby on Saturday January 22, 2017 to continue planning for the 2017 RMC convention to be held in Cody Memorial weekend. NEWARA to offer help.

Field day to be in Crook County Bill Torrance to contact official and ask for permission to hold it in the rest area in Moorcroft.



Election of officers-five member board, two-year terms

Garth Crowe and Rob Underwood were retained (1 year remaining on term).

Wade Watson, John Cranmer, and Jack Robison are up for election.

Wade Watson declined to run for re-election.

(New terms begin at the conclusion of the Annual meeting.)

Nominations from the floor

John Cranmer, Jack Robison, and Mike Phipps were nominated by the floor.

made a motion to cease nominations


Motion carried by voting members present.

Declaration of results

John Cranmer, and Jack Robison were re-elected as directors.

Mike Phipps was elected to replace Wade Watson for the next 2 year term


NEWARA Events 2017

Field Day June 23-24, Kids Day, MS Bike Ride, Moorcroft Shoot, Memory of the 8

January 14, 2017 Directors meeting

The Meeting was called to order by Wade Watson at 5:10 PM

As all directors were re-elected  it was decided to leave the positions as previously instated with the exception of John Cranmer to assume the position vacated by Wade Watson, and Michael Phipps installed as Vice Chair.

John Cranmer Chair

Michael Phipps Vice-Chair

Jack Robison Treasurer

Garth Crowe Secretary

Rob Underwood member at large

Charlie Messenheimer made a motion to adjourn the meeting seconded by Robert Avery.

Motion was carried by the members present at 5:45PM


Garth Crowe WY7GC


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