For RADIO Active Hams

October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Northeast Wyoming Amateur Radio Association Inc.
PO Box 2208
Gillette, Wyoming 82716
Call to order
Meeting called to order at 8:07 by John Cranmer chairman.
Attendees 12
Minutes read and wade motion to accept, RheaAnn 2nd motion carried
Motion made by John Cranmer and seconded by RheaAnn Crowe to accept the treasurer report.
Motion carried by the members present
Unfinished business
Recruiting in progress David
Decorations for trailer
Wade: for Rob Lights cost icicle lights 16.00 candy canes 80.00 sign 30.00
12ft led string 5.00 20
Motion dave second by wade to spend 180.00 carried
RheaAnn on committee John found caterer for the meal 20.00 projected.
Fire station possibility
Guitar guild to be contacted 6 and or 13
JOTA 21st
Younger project
Coordinated with Sheridan and bliss ranch
Dave talked about Red Cross install smoke detectors,
830 at fire station 1 for breakfast and dispersement.
New business
Treasurer Jack Robison
Wade nominated Dave King second RheaAnn
Garth nominated Bil Torrance
Northeast Wyoming Amateur Radio Association Inc.
PO Box 2208
Gillette, Wyoming 82716
Jack motion to close nomination
Second Rheann
Members present elected Dave King as board of directors.
RheaAnn made a motion to adjourn Jack 2nd motion carried.
Directors meeting was convened immediately afterward with
David, John, Garth present, Mike and Rob on text.
David King was appointed to Treasurer position by the Directors present.
Directors are:
John Cranmer Chairman
Mike Phipps Vice Chair
David King Treasurer
Garth Crowe Secretary
Secretary Garth Crowe Date of approval 11/4/2017

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