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November 2017 Meeting Minutes

Northeast Wyoming Amateur Radio Association Inc.
PO Box 2208
Gillette, Wyoming 82716
Call to order
11/11/17 8:09 A.M.
Attendees 15
Garth Crowe read the minutes from the September meeting . the motion was made by Rob Underwood to accept
the minutes as read with the exception of a date change to the notes. The motion was seconded by Jack Robison
the motion was carried by the members poresent.
Treasurer report
David ask that a form be completed for all expenditures
One outstanding bill for Jane’s plant and card.
Running expenditures Jan and june feb secretary of state.
Annual meeting 150.00 and 150 awards
License for trailer
Club insurance
PO box expense
Motion made by Wade W standard expenditures to be approved for the treasurer to pay without vote.
Second by Rob U. motion carried.
Unfinished business
Tower trailer lights for the parade lights to be gotten today
Next weekend work party to decorate after breakfast
The annual dinner was discussed as follows
Annual dinner Jan 6, 2018
Testing at 10
Meeting at 4
Dinner after
Discussion concerning the repeater upgrade was had.
It was reported that the hardware was completed and that the programming was almost complete.
Dr1x and rc 210 controller
Discussion was made concerning the backup power and non-backed up amplifier causing an issue during the
CAP exercise. The possibility of installing a solar charging system and switching power supply that draws less
current this was tabled till a later date
Discussion about operation of repeater link not working from the 790 and what future repeater committee will
look like as all involved are reaching older age.
Solar backup 600.00 possible cost
Northeast Wyoming Amateur Radio Association Inc.
PO Box 2208
Gillette, Wyoming 82716
New business
David discussed not having the meeting on Saturday after the breakfast
David will find a place to have the meeting.
Deferred to annual meeting
Training ideas:
Message handling
Winlink, packet, satellite
New user orientation
Digital modes
Exercises cap and mars 60 meter
Angie stop the bleeding class
CPR class
Jack motion to adjourn Wade 2nd carried by the members present
Meeting adjourned at 8:50 A.M.
Secretary Garth Crowe Date of approval

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