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January 13th, 2018 Board Meeting

NEWARA Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting at the Silver Creek Restaurant in the Tower West Lodge in Gillette, the meeting was opened at 8:20 a.m. on Saturday morning, January 13th, 2018 by Chairman John Cranmer.

Board members present:

David King

Ben Connolly

Mike Phipps

John Cranmer


Charlie Messenheimer

Following discussion, David King moved, Mike Phipps seconded to organize the board for the coming year with:

John Cranmer – Chair

Mike Phipps – Vice Chair

Charlie Messenheimer – Secretary

David King – Treasurer

Ben Connolly – Member at Large

Motion carried unanimously

Fiscal – David King noted the changes on the board will require a change in the signature sheets at the Bank, and the board members will be notified when they can start to drop by and sign the new signature card.

Audit – Following discussion, it was a consensus of the board members to ask Walt Campbell if he will conduct the annual “audit,” or review of the Corporation’s books following the conclusion of the current fiscal year (January 31st.)

Budget – David noted the Fiscal Policy we adopted at the annual meeting called for the board to establish an annual budget, so we need to begin working on that.

IRS – Discussion was held on our tax reporting responsibilities as a Non-Profit.  Members will look into the annual reporting requirements.

Website – David King and Jack Robison will work on updating the website.

Wyoming Hamfest Committee – Having noted he was listed in the Wyoming Section report on the ARRL Website as a member of the Wyoming Hamfest Committee, Jack Robison stated he was no longer on that committee and hadn’t been for a number of months.

Bylaw Changes – Following discussion, the board decided to hold off until the February 9th monthly club meeting to approve the changes to the bylaws which were proposed at the annual meeting but couldn’t be acted upon until at least 10 days had passed since they were proposed.

Club Meeting – Following discussion, the board decided to have the February Club meeting be a “Planning” meeting to map out the plans for the monthly meetings for the rest of the year.  Topics to be addressed will be promotional plans to use to attract more members, meeting topics and planning for licensing classes.

License Classes – Discussion was held on conducting classes for those wishing to either get a Technician license or advance to General or Extra.  This will be discussed further at the February meeting.  It was suggested that instead of a full-blown General or Extra Class, we work with people wanting to advance and find out what areas they are having problems with and provide focused training sessions to help with those knowledge gaps.

Ghost Licensees – It was noted one of the possible reasons for people taking the test for Tech and passing, and then we never see them again, is the dilemma of “what radio should I get?”  It was noted many people deliberate on this at length and for various reasons, never move on and get on the air.  David King suggested the club obtain some of the $30 radios, program them for use with an initial slate of frequencies, and then have them available for sale at cost at our VE Sessions (or any other time), and use the funds from the sale to restock.  It was suggested with the rapid evolution on features available in the low-cost radios that we only have a couple of them on hand at a time.

Mentorship Program – David suggested we build a formal list of the club members willing to be mentors, put their contact info onto business cards and hand them out at the test sessions.  And, in turn, we take the new ham’s contact info and push that out to the Mentor’s list…urging them to contact the new ham and offer to help.  Plus, we generate a letter from the club to the new ham, congratulating them on passing…urging them to join, become active, and giving them info about the club, our calendar, our repeaters, etc.  Some of that probably ought to be turned into a brochure we hand them at the end of the testing session, also.

Repeater Activity – The board discussed the fact we used to have lots of chatter on the repeaters during the daytime.  Bob often was monitoring 24/7, and anyone that called would get an answer.  That doesn’t seem to be happening much anymore and it was discussed getting a few folks that can commit to being “monitors” so if someone wants to rag-chew, they get a response.  This becomes especially important if a newbie gets a radio…but never gets to rag-chew, etc.  Another idea was to have a core group commit that when they get into their vehicle, they check in “WX7XXX, mobile”…and who knows, someone might come back to them and they talk about the weather, whatever.

Activities – Discussion was held on getting club members involved directly in activities, and asking individuals to take on leading a committee or activity.  It was noted many don’t want to because they are afraid of becoming “stuck” with it forever.  Areas of involvement might include the “Mentorship” program, repeater activities, the City’s “Adopt-a-Planter” program, Field Day, a “food” committee, etc.

The meeting adjourned at 9:49 a.m.

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