For RADIO Active Hams


— NEWARA Club Meeting —
Aug 5, 2017, Saturday.  Monthly club meeting.  8am @ Tower West Motel

— MS Bike Ride —

Aug 11-13 – Sheridan.  Contact John, WY7VAF for more infor.

— Eclipse Special Event Station —

Aug 10, 2017, Downtown Gillette, come down and help us operate K7S, Special Event Station for the Eclipse.  Contact John, WY7VAF for further info.

— Memory of the Eight Walk/Run —

Sept 16, 2017, Contact Walt, WY7WSC for further info.

— Want to be a NEWARA Club member —
If you are interested in joining our family of ham operators, please see one of our Officers Listed under “Members”  Annual dues are only $25 for individuals and $30 for all family members living at the same address.

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